Muhammad Zaim is a very driven individual. His career in hospitality wasn’t planned, but he enjoys the challenges and is glad he stumbled upon the opportunity. After he left Pakistan, he went to Saudi Arabia and started looking for a job the old fashioned way. He stepped into a hotel and inquired about job opportunities. They hired him in customer relations and has been moving around in the industry ever since.


Muhammad is a firm believer in continuous education. He is constantly attending courses and achieving certificates to know more and do better.

He has completed over 100 courses with OnQ Hilton University to date. Along with constantly learning new things, he thinks his success lies in how he treats his clients. He puts their wants first, and he finds that his clients will follow good service to wherever he moves. He hopes his hard work someday will help him earn a CEO position somewhere.

Outside of work and taking courses, Muhammad is very active with the HSMAI (The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International). He holds an advisory board position in the UAE chapter. He also is involved with the Pakistan Association in Dubai, acting as their Marketing Head and Public Relations Officer. He also enjoys travelling and meeting new people. He likes attending conferences where he can do both. Muhammad speaks Urdo, Punjabi, English, and some French.

Written By “Bristol Who’s Who”