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2 June, 2017

I always call Dubai as the best marketers in the world. During my 14 years in Dubai, I have experienced the enormous growth of the city with my own eyes. The way positive image of the city has been developed with the passage of time is quite amazing.

All this is because of One Personality, a great visionary leader His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of The United Arab Emirates to whom I admire a lot from the core of my heart.

Being his futuristic approach and enchanting personality, HH has huge fan club all over the world and people show respect and gratitude by following him over social media. Like many Emiratis and Expatriates, I am big fan of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who always shares his vision through his website and social media channels. These quotes always give an inspiring message.

“The record of the UAE’s economy bears testament to the wise vision of the country’s leadership and the sound legislation that guarantees the stability of all investments in various sectors” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid

Back in 2004, when I was part of a group discussion in Emirates Airlines recruitment day, 400 people from 50 countries were sitting in a huge hall and every one’s common statement was that Dubai is the safest city in the world. I can second this statement even after 13 years that till today it is the safest city.

I was on a business trip in Scandinavian countries when Dubai Grand Canal was opened in November 2016. I could see that people were talking about the opening even by sitting in those countries which were far away from Dubai. As mentioned in the start that no doubt Dubai is the best marketer in the world

I am one of those people who either read the review or review the place after visiting on a very regular basis. Being residing in Dubai since 14 years, I always read reviews on the websites like TripAdvisor or Online Travel Agent websites. I feel privileged when I reply to people’s questions on TripAdvisor regarding Dubai.

Nature of my Job was to meet people from different companies who were from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. In our causal talks, they always shared their positive and great experience with regards to their life in Dubai. People admire the developments, infrastructure and smooth implementations of successive plans.

With opening of the Theme Parks, travelers don’t use hot weather as an excuse. Plenty of beautiful malls and these Theme Parks like Dubai Parks and Resorts and IMG World are the strongest reason to visit during summer other than winter being indoor attractions.

All related websites to Dubai Tourism can give plenty of useful information and by following on social media. @DTCMANZ @Dubaitourism @visitdubai

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Zaim Jee

Zaim Jee

Zaim (Zaeem) is self driven individual and has been writing since college life, each travel to new destination inspires to write more and more

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  • Humaira ejaZ says:

    Yes…you are right Mr Zaim…Dubae is at its best…so it is role model for the world.also for Pakistan in which all corrupt politicians are making pakistan worst conditions.our generation youth are waiting for the “””Maseeha””” thanks for the review…Allah bless our country the best Primeminister….

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