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1 June, 2015



February 2015, a college girl (Non Muslim) in United Kingdom approached me and requested to give her few points about Islam since she was working on some thesis and wanted to submit her assignment on urgent basis. It was last minute request and I had to be very choosy in terms of the words and wanted to keep it short and sweet. So here is the article which she submitted and got lots of appreciation

Islam is a religion with a clear ideology and a complete path to live life. In order to understand Islam, we have to see the meaning of this word. It is an Arabic word which means “Peace” and “Submission”

The message/awareness of Islam was spread through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

How someone can understand Islam is through below points and having FAITH

Faith in Oneness of God (Tawhid) – Unification

Angels – Faith Created by God out of light even before creation of humans

Prophets – Muslims believe that all of God’s prophets, which include Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, brought the same message of Pure Monotheism

Books of Revelation – Muslims therefore believe in the Gospel of Jesus, the Psalms of David, the Torah of Moses, and the Scrolls of Abraham. However, the Quran which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the only book of revelation which remains in its complete and unaltered form.

Afterlife – Islam teaches that after we die, we will be raised up again for judgment by Allah. On the Day of Judgment, all people will either be rewarded with eternity in Heaven, or punished with eternity in Hell. It is called Day of Judgment as well

Faith in Destiny/Divine Decree – a belief that everything comes from Allah and is known by Allah. Allah’s knowledge is limitless


Testimony of Faith





A complete way of life has been explained in The Holy Quran about each and every day to day routine life. It has been proved that what science is exploring today was already mentioned in The Holy Quran and Holy Prophet (PBUH) had spoken on many occasions


Islam had given a very clear message of peace

It teaches to respect other religions

It gives equal rights to man and woman

It emphasize on joint family system

It shows how to respect the elders and take care of parents

It teaches the modesty, shyness, self respect, bashfulness, Shame, Honor, and Humility etc


If Islam has forbidden from something, it always comes with some strong reason.

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Zaim Jee

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