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Scenic beauty at Hill Station “Murree”
6 June, 2015

Murree View

Since I left Pakistan in 2000, I never got the chance to spend much time in Pakistan due to my busy schedule. In April 2010, I had to stay one month back home due to change in Job. It was very hard for a person like me to stay at one place who has always been busy in day to day work. Eventually I made the plan with my family to visit “Murree” which is an exurb of Islamabad.

Nearly a week long trip gave lots of memories. I had seen sunny side of April towards the rain, hail and cloudy mountains. You can imagine when you are nearly 2300 meters (7500 FT) above the sea level and what the wonderful weather could have been on the top.

Murree has been called summer capital of Punjab and have been very attractive place during British rule in 1864. The current capital of Punjab is Lahore.

It’s beautiful drive from Islamabad (60 KM) and further to Murree Galliat region with its scenic view with oak-covered mountains. You can see Murree hills from Bhurban with lush green trees. Further 15 KM you can go to new Murree (Patriata). Another central attraction is “Ayubia”. When I had gone on the top of Ayubia by using the chairlift, I was not feeling like to come down. I remember when I went with my friends on top of Cedar Trees Mountains in Beirut (Lebanon) later in October 2010, I had told them that if you experience the hill stations of Pakistan, you will fall in love and will spend every summer there.

It gave me lovely experience when I had given lots of corn (Challi) to the monkeys. I found variety of animals like leopard, wild boar, foxes and different species of birds.

Whenever I see Cherries, Raspberries and strawberries here in Dubai supermarkets, it reminds me that how common these expensive fruits were available in Murree at very low cost

Whoever wants to have good break in summer must go and spend good time there

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