Selfie – A Self Marketing tool, isn’t it?
15 April, 2017


Human nature loves self projection that’s what was caught by the mobile companies in the world. When the front camera was introduced, it was only for video calling or skyping etc. With the passage of time, it turned into TOOL to SELL. Better front camera more unit sale.

Another human nature is to compete with others including family members, colleagues or friend circle. Should we call SHOW OFF, well may be. Mobile companies read the minds of people and followed the human psyche. The mobile models are being changed in months. You buy one and in six month, you have the new one. Technology is travelling more than the speed of light. Where would be the end, no one knows

Coming back to the title, SELFIE, a word which even doesn’t exist, it is disambiguation. Actually is self-portrait or self-photograph. There was a time when people used to take out the best photo to share on FACEBOOK (Even using photo shop as well J) but not the most weird photographs are posted on SOCIAL MEDIA. First mobile companies increased their sale by introducing feature mobile and then adding SELFIE STICKS and all the accessories. Obviously they increased sale in terms of units and the craze went on and went on

SELFIE was another reason to famous the concept of HASHTAG in TWITTER. I have been attending events in all over the world and companies were putting roll up banners with the message “Take SELFIE and use HASHTAG and win a price” isn’t it so catchy. Again Human Nature got involved that everyone want to win price

Still I am unable to understand about the “TONGUE OUT” style while taking SELFIE. Is it a pose or another marketing tool “Specially females”

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